NIGHT TERRORS, VOL. 26: “All the Children of Lesnaya Street”

About the Book

NIGHT TERRORS, VOLUME 26 is a horror anthology from Scare Street. Featuring 18 chilling tales, this collection explores spirits, monsters, murder, and more.

Paperback and ebook editions available at the link below.

About My Story

Within the pages of NIGHT TERRORS, Volume 26, you’ll find my short story, “All the Children of Lesnaya Street.”

When local children go missing, the school kids blame the cannibal witch of folklore, Baba Yaga. But Alyona does not believe the horror stories, instead finding comfort in the idea of a benevolent witch in the woods. Together with the rest of the neighborhood kids, Alyona sets out to find Baba Yaga and prove her innocence—or her guilt.

What Readers Are Saying

These stories were worth staying up way too late reading.

Amazon review by Miss Rogers

Whenever I open an offering from Scare Street I know I am in for a fun ride. In these anthologies, you never know from where the horror will emerge or what form it will take. There are ghosts and paranormal creatures, to be sure, but you will also find things you never imagined you would ever meet. That’s what makes these books such fun.

Amazon review by DaveB.

The Vibes ✨

If you like to read to a soundtrack or background noise, here’s some music and ambience that mesh well with “All the Children of Lesnaya Street.”