That Which You Have Promised

In GRIMM & DREAD: A CROW’S TWIST ON CLASSIC TALES from Quill & Crow Publishing House

“That Which You Have Promised” is a gothic retelling of the Grimm brothers’ fairy tale, “The Frog Prince.” Princess Irelina refuses to uphold her end of a bargain she struck with a frog, and in her selfish rage, she accidentally kills him. When, upon death, he is revealed to be a prince, Irelina and her older sister Vera decide to cover up the tragedy. But when a visitor to the kingdom comes looking for the lost prince, can the two sisters keep their dark secret? Or will they be forced to face the bloody consequences?

The Curse on the House of Usher

In HOUSES OF USHER from Love Letters to Poe

Enter the Usher vaults hundreds of years before the Lady Madeline… “The Curse on the House of Usher” is a prequel of sorts to Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Fall of the House of Usher.” Finnian Ó Cosraigh, Baron of Wexford, is being held for ransom in the Usher vaults when another prisoner arrives – Annora, a woman accused of witchcraft. She claims that she is innocent, and that the powerful Ulrich Usher can vouch for her. As her execution looms ever nearer, will Usher speak on her behalf? And is Annora truly a witch, or only a woman scorned?

All the Children of Lesnaya Street

In NIGHT TERRORS, VOL 26 from Scare Street

When local children go missing, Alyona sets out with the rest of the neighborhood kids to find the cannibal witch Baba Yaga and the hard truth about their missing peers.

We, Unhappy

In VIOLENT DELIGHTS & MIDSUMMER DREAMS from Quill & Crow Publishing House

After the events of Shakespeare’s play, “The Two Gentlemen of Verona,” Proteus’s wife, servant, and the former object of his desire are all unsatisfied with the way things ended. And as Proteus turns his attention to yet another woman, they fear he may go to murderous lengths to get her. Together, they conspire to kill him first. But when a golden opportunity for murder dawns, who will be the last left standing?